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Create your own business solutions based on Kayako

  • Who we are?
    Founded in 2008, Dewak S.A. is a privately owned company that has emerged as, and continues to be, a leading developer of cutting-edge help desk software products and services. We're a team of help desk experts! ¬†Our company is devoted to research and innovation. Each…
  • What we do?
    We design IT solutions for your business based on the Kayako help desk. Understanding that every business is different in its own way, we aim to develop and customize Kayako as much as possible to provide you with a solution that is able to cover…
  • Kayako Support
    Delivering customer support solutions on a daily basis we can provide you with support services regarding Kayako and our solutions.If you need help, we will help you! You can verify this by signing up to one of our support packages. We can help you with…