Provides a single place to find and download all the attachments sent by customers or staff users.

Ever tried to find an attachment on a long ticket? We know this can take a lot of time when you have dozens of posts and replies split into several pages, we created this modification to help you find those attachments with less effort and time.

The attachments tab provides a single place to find, download and delete all the attachments sent by the clients or staff users, it works as a standalone module reducing the footprint and dependency on Kayako upgrades.

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  • Only available for the download/self-hosted version of Kayako Resolve/Fusion
  • Compatible with version 4.52.XXXX or newer

When you purchase any of our products you automatically obtain 1 month of free support after deployment. We do not provide free upgrades of the modifications/custom modules to higher/lower versions of Kayako than the version you ordered from us initially. After that period if Kayako version of the customer has been upgraded you can order an upgrade our modification.The fee is 20% of the initial price. Please note: the minimal upgrading cost is 75 USD.

Also we should note that our guarantee is only applicable to the solution delivered by Dewak, where no further changes were made by any 3rd party or customers themselves.

Mass Download, Mass Delete and Preview

Download and delete all the attachments of a ticket with the new mass action feature. All the files will be downloaded as a Zip file. Also you can fast preview the images and PDF files.

You can find a live demo of Attachments tab at the following URL:

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Admin CP (Module Permissions)
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